The operation of the Association requires Owners to make timely maintenance payments. Thank you for making your payments when due.

2024 Quarterly Assessment: $2,230.00

Payments Due: January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1

Late Payment: $25.00 late fee will apply if your payment isn’t received by January 31, April 30, July 31 or October 31 and your account may be referred to the Association’s attorney for collection of all amounts past due, including interest. The Association (your neighbors) must pay for these initial notifications sent from the attorney. Please pay assessments when due.

Centennial Bank Complete Lockbox Association Services System collects and processes assessment payments for Palm Cove Lofts Homeowners Association. The following options are available for making your payments:

Payment By Check and Coupon

  • 2024 coupon books were mailed to you in December 2023.
  • Include a coupon with your check.
  • All checks must be made payable to Palm Cove Lofts Homeowners Association NOT Centennial Bank.
  • Foreign checks must have U.S. Dollars written on the check.
  • Do not send postdated checks. Checks will not be held and are processed the same day they are received.
  • Mail your payment to: Centennial Bank, PO Box 30061, Tampa, FL 33630-3061.

Payment By Automatic Debit 

Centennial Bank Automatic Debit Service is a convenient and efficient method to make your assessment payments. This service allows you to choose your personal debit day anytime between the 1st and the 10th of the month. Your U.S. bank checking or savings account will be debited according to the day you select and the payment frequency of the association. This is the most efficient method to ensure your payment is made on time. Centennial Bank does not charge a fee for this service.

If you wish to enroll in the automatic debit service, simply complete the “Automatic Debit Enrollment” form provided with your coupon or click here to download the enrollment form. Attach a voided check to the enrollment form, sign and submit your request via U.S. Mail to: Centennial Bank, PO Box 30061, Tampa, FL 33630-3061. Do not send your enrollment form to the Association.

Centennial Bank will notify you by mail when your first payment will be debited from your account, so please continue to make your payment using another method until you are notified.

NOTE: If you are already enrolled in Automatic Debit, you will not receive a coupon book. Centennial Bank will send you a confirmation letter with the new amount and the scheduled debit day, according to the information you provided when you enrolled.

Payment Using Online Bill Payment Service

To use an Online Bill Payment Service, set up your payment using the Payment Account Number which can be found in the upper right corner of your coupon. The payment must be made payable to Palm Cove Lofts Homeowners Association and mailed to: Centennial Bank, PO Box 30061, Tampa, FL 33630-3061.

Using the Payment Account Number will ensure that your payment is properly posted to your account. The Payment Account Number is different for every unit and payment obligation. Please note that using an Online Bill Payment Service may delay the posting of your payment.

Payment By Credit Card, Debit Card, or eCheck

Centennial Bank Online Payment Solutions is a secure method for you to pay your assessment using a credit card, debit card or an electronic check. For more information, visit the Online Payment Solutions website at

Thank you for paying your maintenance payments when due.