We appreciate your support and collaboration to make
Palm Cove Lofts a pleasant and enjoyable place to live.

Palm Cove Lofts Rules and Regulations >

Repairs and remodeling may only be done Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Vehicles may not be parked in the driveway. Please be respectful of your neighbors and do not schedule service calls or work outside these hours or on Sundays. Thanks for your cooperation.

Monitor and Clean Up After Your Pets

Unfortunately, we continue to receive complaints about pet waste left in the driveway and on walkways, balconies and other areas, creating unsightly and unsanitary conditions. Barking dogs are also often left unattended outdoors and unleashed pets roam around in the driveway and other areas; we’ve received complaints about the noise and personal safety concerns. These are violations of the PCL rules regarding pets and nuisances.

Pets are allowed, however, no Unit Owner shall allow its pet(s) to commit any nuisance, to interfere with the rights of other Unit Owners, to unreasonably annoy other Unit Owners, or to make improper use of the Association Property. In addition, the following regulations shall apply:

  1. Pets will be under handheld leash or
    carried at all times on the Common Elements and Association Property.
  2. Messes made by pets must be immediately removed by Owners or handlers.
  3. Pets that are vicious, noisy or otherwise unpleasant will not be permitted.
  4. No pets shall be kept, bred or raised for commercial purposes.
  5. Pets may not be left unattended on
    roof top decks or balconies.

Parking Rules

Several homeowners have raised complaints about vehicle parking on PCL grounds. The multiple concerns range from blocking the driveway, blocking trash collection, blocking the ability to safely exit and enter their garage, emergency vehicle access, unsightliness of having vehicles on PCL grounds and improper/inequitable use of PCL grounds for parking. 

This is a serious issue with no perfect solution.

In the interest of standardizing and keeping the driveway and common areas clear, we would like to remind you that if any unattended vehicles are found parked outside of the garages, they will be towed without warning.  If you have a contractor or vendor working in your home, they will only be allowed to drop off/pick up materials. They cannot park in front of your garage or in the driveway – they will be towed. 

To be clear, there is no assigned parking at PCL in any location other than in your garage. Any vehicle parked on PCL grounds must be accompanied at all times. There are no exceptions. Any vehicle left unsupervised on the common area will be towed. Visitors, service providers, contractors and workers must park outside of PCL grounds where there are both paid and free parking options.